2024 Mini Excavator with Cab, 15HP, Rippa R319N, Rato Engine

Rippa Texas

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Horsepower - 15 HP
Engine - Rato R420
Overall Weight - 2088 lb
Dimensions - 109in x 37in x 87in
Dig Depth - 4.9 ft
Blade Size - 35in (track does not extend)

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: (1) 14" Bucket, (1) Hydraulic Thumb Clip



300mm Tooth Bucket $180   Rubber Track   Brand & Model: Parker Gear Pump
400mm Tooth Bucket $195   1 Ton Hydraulic Digger   Work Pressure: 0-20 mpa
600mm Tooth Bucket $210   Equipped With EPA Cert Rato Engine   Rated Pressure: 20 mpa
800mm Tooth Bucket $255   15 Mechanical Horsepower   Maximum Pressure: 25 mpa
400mm Toothless Bucket $195   4.9 Foot Digging Depth   Operating Rotational Speed: 0-3600 rpm
600mm Toothless Bucket $210   V-Shaped Rubber Track Pattern For Stable Walking   Rated Rotational Speed: 3000 rpm
800mm Toothless Bucket $240   Hidden hoses   Maximum Rotational Speed: 4000 rpm
800*150mm Auger $765   Weight In Total: 2088 lb (947kg)   Displacement: 6 ml/r
800*200mm Auger $780   Gradeability (Climbing Angle): 30%   Flow Rate: 21.6 L/min
800*300mm Auger $840  
Overall DIM LWH": 109" x 37" x 87" (9ft L x 3ft W x 7.25ft H)
  Work Efficiency: 95%
Mechanical Quick Hitch $225   Walking Speed: 0-1.5 km/h   Over Hot Protection: N/A
400mm Rake $150       Over Pressure Protection: N/A
600mm Rake $180        
800mm Rake $225   ENGINE:   OPERATING RANGE:
Wooden Grabber $285   Brand & Model: Rato R420   Bucket Capacity: 0.025 cubic meters
Breaker $1,500   Rated Power: 10 kw   Bucket Maximum Digging Force: 800
Ripper $150   Engine Rotate Speed: 3600 rpm   Maximum Digging Force Of Stick: 600
600mm Titling Bucket (one cylinder) $660       Maximum Digging Radius: 100" (8.3 ft)
800mm Titling Bucket (one cylinder) $675       Maximum Digging Depth: 59" (4.9 ft)
1000mm Titling Bucket (one cylinder) $705       Maximum Digging Height: 98" (8.2 ft)
          Maximum Unloading Height: 69" (5.75 ft)
          Bucket Width: 14"
          Boom Length: 53" (4.4 ft)
          Stick Length: 28" (2.3 ft)
          Bulldozer Blade Width: 37"
          Swing Motor: Dali
          Traveling Motor: Dali


EASY MAINTENANCE: The fuselage (made from a single piece of steel plate) has multiple inspection ports for efficient machine inspection and maintenance.

WARRANTY: All of our machines come with a parts-only warranty that is valid for one year. This warranty does not cover work-site mishaps or normal wear and tear. Warranty does not cover shipping costs or labor. Sold As Is - machine is not returnable or refundable!

SHIPPING + DELIVERY TERMSLoading Dock and/or Forklift Required

Due to the substantial size and weight of this machinery, our shipping partners are unable to offer liftgate services. It is important to take into account that we can only facilitate deliveries to destinations equipped with a Loading Dock and/or Forklift. In cases where a loading dock or forklift is not available, we can arrange a Dock Pickup for you at the nearest terminal. 

Should you require further details or wish to explore the Dock Pickup option further, please reach out to us and we will provide you with the address of the terminal nearest you. 

SHIPPING LEAD TIME: Each one of our machines is meticulously assembled, rigorously inspected for optimal performance, and thoughtfully packaged before it leaves our facility. Your satisfaction and the secure delivery of your order are our top priorities. Kindly allow our team 5-10 business days to diligently prepare your order for shipment. We assure you; it'll be worth the wait!

**For shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all other international customers, please message us first about shipping estimates.

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